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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How does my foreign spouse/fiance answer questions at the consulate?

     Preparing couples for interviews is just one of the many services the Firm offers.  When a US citizen or legal permanent resident petitions a foreign fiance(e) or spouse, that person will have to appear before a consular officer before s/he is granted a visa.  These are a few tips to make that interview go more smoothly:

1.  Be truthful.  It's fine to say "I don't know" or "I don't remember" in response to a question.  However, since the case has been going on for some time and the questions will generally be about the relationship, the foreigner should know.

2.  The foreigner must be ready to talk about relationship.  The interview is not the time to be shy about the details.  A shy foreigner will be misunderstood as someone who was not involved in a real relationship.

3.  The foreigner must know the USC spouse/fiancee. S/he should know the petitioner's job, height, details on children from a prior marriage, problems with petitioner's ex-spouse, addresses where s/he lived.

4.  The foreigner must also know any “bad” issues about the future spouse, such as arrests.  After all, the consular officer will know about this.

5.  The foreigner must know the particularities of the post.  The attorney will tell the couple what is unusual about the consulate.  For example, Bogota is known as high–fraud post and couples can never be overly prepared for an interview there.

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