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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why I Do It

     Immigration law can be completely stressful.  After all, I am paid to handle problems other people cannot (or do not wish to) handle themselves.  Sometimes, I am asked why I chose this field at all.  As a child, I dreamt of many jobs -- astronaut, veterinarian, engineer, and foreign journalist.  As I grew, none of these professions fit perfectly.  I don't like blood or math, for example.  Then, when I became an attorney, I worked in other areas before launching into immigration -- litigation, insurance defense, and employment law among others.  Also, like someone else's shirt, it did not fit me.  In short, I did not love that work.
     I am an immigration attorney because I believe that hard-working, honest people will improve the United States as a country.  Diversity strengthens a garden and a group of people.  Moreover, as a parent, I GET that everyone wants the best for his or her children at a profound, instinctual level.  I have worked on too many cases where the difference in the future of my clients' children was literally college or squalor.
     Is it worth the long hours of research in front of a computer?  Is it worth fighting for clients before the occasional harsh judge and unfeeling Immigration officer?  Is it worth being creative with strategies on visas and residency cases?  Is it worth dealing with the occasional ungrateful client?
     Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.  By the way, yes.

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