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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Relationship Between the Law Firm and the Client

     During each step of the processing of an immigration case, the Client and the Firm must work closely together.  The obligation of each at Blandon Law is described in general terms as follows:
  •  Start of Case
Firm – Reviews information and determines best approach to file case.
You – Provide information and documents needed. Ensure that whenever a copy is provided, the original is readily available.

  • Submitting Case
Firm – Prepares applications, organizes evidence, and presents legal argument for complex issues.
You – Wait for receipts, fingerprint notices, and collateral benefits that may be available if you are in the U.S., such as employment authorization and permission to travel abroad.
  • Processing of Case
The type of processing depends on whether the Client is in the United States or abroad. The Firm submits the case to the appropriate government agency, such as the Dept. of Labor, Citizenship and Immigration Services, or the Department of State. Cases that depend on visa availability will be held in abeyance for years.

Firm – Maintains communication with the Client and the government agency.
You – Provide anything requested by the Firm at the earliest opportunity.
  • Interview or Hearing
Firm – Provides representation at government meeting and until benefit is granted.
You – Provide originals and abide by the Firm’s guidance regarding preparation.

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