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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


     Practicing law is not an activity limited to books.  An immigration lawyer uses creativity to help clients achieve their goals.  The following are stories of two of Blandon Law's clients:
     A homosexual man was denied asylum because he did not apply within one year after arriving in the United States.  However, he did not "come out" until he had been living in the country for several years.  By arguing that "coming out" is similar to a religious conversion -- for which asylum is regularly granted -- an Blandon Law is helping the foreign national become a legal permanent resident and eventually a citizen.
     Likewise, another foreign national was denied asylum because she entered the U.S. when she was one year old.  Now that she was 16 years old, she likewise did not apply within one year of entering the U.S.  Although young age can be considered a type of legal incapacity which permits late filing, the Citizenship and Immigration Service disregarded this reasoning.  This author presented the case before an Immigration Court and argued that the young woman faced the likelihood of future persecution because of a recent change in her personal circumstances.
     Do not put aside your dreams because another notary, consultant or attorney refuses to try.  Do not ignore what may be possible.  Call the office to schedule a consultation.

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