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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lawyer Fees

     Generally, the Firm works with a flat fee pricing schedule. The initial consultation charge of $80 is applied toward the total legal fee, which is determined at that first meeting depending on the complexity of the case.
     You pay for a specific service based on the amount of time deemed necessary to perform the service, which remains constant regardless of the actual time needed to complete the service. In this manner, the Firm uses its time to provide legal service instead of working on outstanding invoices. At your request and without additional charge, the Firm can provide an environment-friendly electronic version of your file, communicate through e-mails instead of phone calls and refer you to other providers (accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, real estate professionals and translators to name a few.)
     We make every effort to please you. If you are satisfied with the Firm, refer two friends or family members who may have need of immigration services. If you are not satisfied, let us know immediately so that we may remedy your concerns.
     For the convenience of our clients, we accept checks, cash, MasterCard and Visa. Interest free financing is available, as are discounts if you make full payment at the beginning of the case. Clients enjoy a complete range of flexible and affordable options, including monthly payments determined by their ability to pay.

General Frequently Asked Questions

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