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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Suing Immigration: Delays + Injustice = Lawsuits

Citizenship. The Citizenship and Immigration Service must decide whether to approve a naturalization case within 120 days. If it does not, the immigration law firm of Blandon Law will sue them and obtain results. On more complex cases, Blandon Law works with a team of other immigration experts highly experienced in federal court immigration lawsuits.

This is true even if the attorney did not represent the legal permanent resident at the naturalization interview. The response to a number of the Firm’s lawsuits (with the appropriate follow up by the immigration attorney) has been the delivery of a Naturalization Oath ceremony letter sent directly to the legal permanent resident in the mail. What seemed to be insurmountable matters are suddenly quickly resolved.

Removal of Conditions. Immigration should decide the Application to Remove the Conditions on Residency (Form I-751) during a reasonable time. Unfortunately, too often, CIS takes over two years to decide these cases. That is a huge injustice when foreign nationals have separated because of abuse or divorce. After so much time, the evidence of a valid marriage is old and Immigration is likely to request new evidence which, by then, simply is not available. A denial of Form I-751 results in the foreign national being sent to Immigration Court to defend against deportation. To insist that Immigration decide the Form I-751, Blandon Law files successful lawsuits when CIS takes more than a year to approve the removal of conditions application.

Asylum. Depending on the reason for the denial from the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), a foreign national may be able to file an appeal directly with the Court of Appeals. The federal courts are strict adherents of the law and take Immigration Judges and the BIA to task if cases are not ruled upon according to established case law. If a client has been treated unfairly, litigation is the most efficient method to obtain justice.

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