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Sunday, August 18, 2013

To Delay Immigration Reform, GOP Falsely Claims Mexicans "Rushing" to Seek Asylum at Border

     Immigration reform -- already approved by the Senate -- would help the U.S. economy, according to several studies.  So, to scare voters, the Republicans in the House of Representatives created a falsehood about Mexicans illegally rushing into this country. 
     The Republican Representative from Alabama (a state known for its stellar civil rights history), Jeff Sessions, said that the House should not pass any immigration legislation until the current administration shows "its willingness to confront and fix this problem."  Rep. Sessions apparently did not read the memo about President Obama having the largest border patrol force in the history of the U.S. 
     The number of Mexicans seeking asylum at the southern border is only about 30 per day, compared with the roughly 170,000 travelers who cross that border LEGALLY each day.
     Although the amount of Mexican asylum applicants has doubled due to the violent rampages of the drug cartel, Chinese nationals file more asylum cases by far.  Part of the reason for this is that the chance of a Mexican citizen winning an asylum claim is less than ten percent.  For the recent article, click to this link.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Credible Fear Interviews: No Longer Completed Face-to-Face

      There's a new development that will harm asylum applicants.  Many have problems with authority, misunderstand the importance of questions they are asked, and do not hire attorneys at the beginning of their case.  In-person interviews by government officers build trust so that the foreigner can express what really happened to them abroad.
      When foreign nationals are detained but fear return to their homeland, an Asylum Officer must interview them.  During that interview, which usually begins with a phone call, the Asylum Officer decides whether the foreign nationals' fear is credible, or valid.  This is known as a Credible Fear Interview.
     In the past, Asylum Officer were required to conduct in-person or video-conference interviews when they felt that the foreign nationals did not have a valid fear of harm if returned to their homeland.  That changed on June 4, 2013.
     Placing a need to avoid delays in processing above a need to give foreign nationals the benefit of an in-person interview, the entire interview will be completed on the phone.   In order to help your detained friend or family member with a potential asylum case, please call the Weston office of Blandon Law at (954) 385-0157.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Asylum AFTER Being Deported

     Re-entering the United States after being deported is usually a mistake.  The consequences include arrest and losing rights to several ways of legally obtaining status. 
     An argument can be made, however, that ASYLUM IS STILL AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO RETURN to the United States after a deportation.  Although the Department of Homeland Security regularly denies asylum to those with a prior removal order, foreigners who are willing to appeal the decision to the federal courts may be able to get asylum.
      That is what the Florida law firm of Blandon Law does for asylum clients:  use the law to get results.  For those with prior deportation orders, we argue that the law plainly states that "any alien" -- regardless of their legal status -- is eligible for asylum.
      To see if we can help you with your asylum case, please call the Weston law firm of Blandon Law at (954) 385-0157.

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