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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mental Illness -- Will the Rich be Eligible for Asylum?

     Immigration has usually denied asylum to persons who are harmed due to their wealth.  The reasoning is that if they are harmed because they are rich, tomorrow they may be poor.  Unlike being a victim of domestic violence, being rich is not a fundamental trait to any group.
File:Prescription drugs.jpg     Recently, the Board of Immigration Appeals gave asylum to a man although part of his claim was based on his financial situation.  I wrote an article about this significant change in asylum law.  Please read this and other asylum-related articles in AVVO that I have posted over the years.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

2014 Will Be Better Year Than 2013 for Asylum

     Figures show that 2014 is projected to be an even better year for foreign nationals applying for relief from removal.  Nationwide study results are in from TRAC Immigration.  Relief from removal includes asylum, withholding of removal, and residency -- any way that foreign nationals are allowed to remain in this country. Click here to review the results.
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Monday, November 11, 2013

     When applicants fail to appear for their asylum interviews with Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), the agency will either refer them to an immigration judge if they are not in lawful immigration status or will close the case if they are.  When applicants seek to reschedule their asylum interview more than 45 days after the failure to appear, they must demonstrate exceptional circumstances to account for the failure.
Don't Be Late!     On October 17, 2013, Chief John Lafferty of the Asylum Division issued a memo explaining what qualifies as exceptional circumstances.  Importantly, the memo explains that CIS will use a totality of the circumstances approach.  In other words, the stronger the underlying claim and the greater the likelihood of harm if the case is not reopened, the more likely that CIS will agree to the rescheduling of the interview even after the 45 days.
     Interestingly, ineffective assistance of counsel and fraud by notarios was listed as the most common ground for failure to appear.  If you, or someone you know, needs to apply for asylum with a trusted and experienced professional, call the Florida law firm of Blandon Law at (954) 385-0157.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Call Now to Prepare Your Work Permit Application by December 3, 2013

     Starting December 3, 2013, asylum applicants -- and their family members -- may apply for employment authorization once the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) remands the case back to the Immigration Court.  Applicants appeal Immigration Judge denials to the BIA, which returns the case to Immigration Court if they agree that the case should not have been denied.
Team work Stock Photography     More importantly, foreigners who have their cases with the Immigration Court will be able to file for asylum sooner.  Because a request for a work permit cannot be filed until the application has been pending for 150 days, the sooner the better.  They can file their asylum petition with the Immigration Court immediately, without having to wait for a hearing date.  This is an enormous benefit because, in some parts of the country, asylum applicants have to wait months for an initial hearing.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Experience for your Resume: Volunteer at a Refugee Camp

     The United Nations Volunteer program connects professionals to international programs where their skills are needed.  Volunteers are skilled professionals with at least two years of working experience. They work in more than 130 countries and 80 per cent come from developing countries.  In addition to promoting peace throughout the world, volunteers gain invaluable experience and grow their network.
     Volunteers have worked as part of the UNHCR team in numerous operations, including Afghanistan, the Balkans, Colombia, Ecuador, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste.  The story of a volunteer working in Venezuela can be found here.   In Florida, the law office of Blandon Law helps asylees and refugees with their cases before the Citizenship and Immigration Services as well as the Immigration Court.  Call for a consultation at (954) 385-0157.  In addition, scholarships are available to asylees.  For more information on that, click here to the web site of Asylees As Authors.

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