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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Asylum for Landowners - Colombia, Venezuela or Any Other Country

     In many countries, leftist terrorist groups attack landowners.  If these landowners are in the United States, they should consider applying for asylum especially given the recent Seventh Circuit court. The appellate reviewers found that the Colombian landowner suffered because he refused to cooperate with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The case is
N.L.A., H.O.P.M., and S.L.P.L. v. Holder.
    The court found that the harm the IJ and BIA described as "derivative" was not derivative at all and that the FARC's threatening and kidnapping of the applicant's father was meant as a direct threat to the landowner. This is a developing area of law and, for that reason, it is important to be represented by an expert in the area.
     If you or someone you know has been threatened with harm because of land ownership, please call the Broward County law firm of Blandon Law at (954) 385-0157.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Asylum for the Deaf

      Foreign nationals who are harmed in their home country because of their membership in a "particular social group" are allowed to remain in the United States.  They get a work permit, a travel permit and, eventually, a green card.
Paul Balhut and Michelle Hallern are communicating with pure America Sign Language in Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Links Course.      Persons who are deaf can get asylum if they fear returning to their home country.  This is because persons who are deaf not only have a disability, but also their own culture.  They have their own language and a set of shared experiences.  That makes them part of a particular social group.  Sadly, in many societies, they are often cast aside by family members and harmed by police and other government authorities.  In some countries, persons who are deaf are not even allowed to go to school.  Such mistreatment can qualify as persecution.
     If you know a foreign national who is deaf and has suffered, please have that person -- or their loved one -- contact the Broward county immigration law firm of Blandon Law at (954) 385-0157.

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