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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

IMPORTANT CASE: Guatemalan victims of domestic violence can get asylum

     Today, the Board of Immigration Appeals -- which supervises the country's Immigration Judges -- decided that married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave an abusive relationship can get asylum in the U.S.  The case can be found on this link.  Although it is a case about a married Guatemalan woman, there is no reason that the case should not also apply to women from other countries where domestic violence is tolerated by the police.  There is also no reason that this logic should not apply to child victims of domestic violence.
     Blandon Law in Broward county has helped women survivors obtain asylum from countries as diverse as El Salvador and Turkey. One year after asylum, they obtain green cards.  If the domestic violence happens in the United States, we can help clients obtain green cards directly.  This is based on a law known as Violence Against Women Act. 
     If you know a foreigner who is a survivor, and needs immigration help, have them call the immigration law firm at 954-385-0157 to schedule a consultation.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Judges Rush, Attorneys Appeal - the Best Way to Stop "Fast-Track" of Asylum Cases

    Immigration judges are being instructed to handle cases within 21 days.  An article about it is found here.  Although this might seem like a fast way for the United States to rid itself of the thousands of unaccompanied minors that have entered through the southern border this year, it is actually not.
     An experienced attorney can file an appeal if the foreign national does not understand what happened in Immigration Court.  In 21 days it is impossible to give anyone a fair opportunity to obtain the proof needed, especially considering that the documents will come from the home country and require an English-language translation.
     If you know unaccompanied children applying for asylum who has been "fast-tracked," have them call Blandon Law at 954-385-0157.  We handle cases throughout the United States and all members of the staff speak Spanish.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

U.S. Detaining Families Seeking Asylum with "Bond" Rule

     The President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association recently wrote a piece about how the U.S. government is shamefully detaining families seeking asylum.  Using high bonds, or denying bond altogether, families are forced to choose between danger in their home countries or jail here.
    The Central American children's crisis has been going on all year, and only threatens to worsen.  At this link is a New York Times article from April 2014.
   We agree that families "should be permitted to seek the comfort and stability of life outside a detention facility while they wait for a fair decision."
    If you know someone who needs bond because they have been detained, have their friend or family member call the Broward law firm of Blandon Law at 954-385-0157.  All staff members speak Spanish.

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