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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Three Best FAQs on Applying for Asylum

Image result for free photo blog questioning1.  When a foreigner hires a law firm, is the client responsible to provide the written evidence or is this information discussed on the phone calls with the paralegals and attorneys throughout the process?

The clients are asked to provide evidence to prove what they are telling us.  Attorney review means that the attorneys review the documents provided and, if those documents are somehow insufficient, the attorneys will let the client know why another document might be better.  For example, if a client claims that his family moved, he will be asked to provide proof of the move. Maybe the client will provide a letter to prove it.  After attorney review, the Attorney will state why that letter may not be sufficient and suggest the client obtain a receipt from a moving company or sale of the house instead.  This is not work that a paralegal will do because it has to do with immigration law.

2.  Can the Attorney provide a list of documents that the client will need in order to submit the asylum application to immigration?

There is a list of basic documents including passport and birth certificates.  With Attorney Review, however, the client discusses the case with the Attorney who then makes a request for specific documents based on what the client claims happened. It's like homework.  Usually, when we receive those documents, other questions come up and we will need to request other documents. For example, if a client tells us he was in the hospital for one day, we will request proof of that.  If the hospital letter then says the client was in the hospital for two days, we will ask for an explanation of the inconsistency (one day testimony, but two days documented). If the client then says, "I was actually in for one day, so that's a mistake by the hospital" we will request other proof to confirm that the hospital made a mistake (such as receipt of payment of only one day in the hospital).

3. Must asylum applicants remain in the state where they reside at the time of the application filing or can they travel between different states in the U.S. during the process?

Applicants can travel within the United States during the process, but must interview at the Asylum Office as directed on the interview notice.  Each time applicants move (different from just temporary travel), they must inform the Asylum Office of the move.

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