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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The American Immigration Council just released a report detailing how “fast-track” deportation methods negatively impact asylum seekers. These “fast-track” methods such as expedited removal, in conjunction with detention, disproportionately disadvantage one of the most vulnerable groups of non-citizens currently in the U.S. immigration system: women and their children held in detention centers in isolated locations.

The authors drew from a database of thousands of case files to identify families who faced serious obstacles trying to access the asylum process. The report details numerous challenges experienced by asylum seekers, including:

  • High Incidence of Psychological Trauma among Detainees
  • Medical Conditions Adversely Impact the Ability to Pursue Protection
  • Limited Access to Language Services
  • Complexity of the Legal Standard Applicable to Credible Fear Screenings
  • Problems in the Credible Fear Interview Process

Read the Full Report:
The Perils of Expedited Removal: How Fast-Track Deportations Jeopardize Asylum Seekers

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Attorney for Marco Coello Explains Detention during Asylum Interview

Last week, Board-Certified immigration expert Elizabeth Blandon came across a situation that she has never seen in 20 years of practicing immigration and nationality law.

Her client, Venezuelan political activist Marco Coello, was detained at the Miami Asylum Office. The immigration official refused to proceed with the asylum interview, and two ICE officials immediately escorted Mr. Coello to the Krome detention facility.

When Mr. Coello was released the next day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement gave no plausible explanation for his release... or his detention.

Reasons ranged from overstaying his visa to "two misdemeanor convictions" -- which were quickly blamed on a computer glitch. As far as the "criminal issue," Mr. Coello has one misdemeanor conviction for trespassing. However, this should not preclude him from having an asylum interview.

Many individuals have contacted our office, fearing that they too might be detained at their asylum interviews. We hope the video below will answer many of your questions about this unusual situation.

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