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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Seven Types of H Visas

     The H category of visa is perhaps best known for the H-1B, which is available to foreign professionals and certain fashion models.  However, there are six other visas in this category.  The H-1B1 is for fast track H-1Bs, known as such because they are reserved for nationals of Chile and Singapore.  The U.S. entered into Fast Track Trade legislation with both these countries.
     The H-1C is for professional nurses working in health professional shortage areas.  Of course a nurse with a bachelor's degree may also apply for an H-1B in any city if she can prove that the minimum requirement for the position is a bachelor's degree. The H-2A is available for temporary agricultural workers and the H-2B is for other workers provided that U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents are unavailable.  The H-3 category is available for trainees who cannot obtain such training in their home country.  Finally, accompanying family members -- meaning spouse and children -- of persons with any H visa obtain an H-4.
     This is just one of the visas I must know for the Board Certification exam.  Again, wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H-1B Professionals - Still Available

   Foreign students have the determination to obtain a bachelor's degree or higher, the perseverance to look for employment in a tough economy, and are willing to do the hard work needed to start their professional careers.  Unfortunately, many have not found a company that needs their skills now, much less petition a foreigner for an H-1B visa.  If the foreign student is in the United States, time in F-1 status may be running out.  Without a change of status, she will need to return to her home country.
   Along comes the H-1B visa, which is available to foreign professionals who wish to start their own companies, even if initially only on a part-time basis.  There are only 65,000 of these available and normally they run out immediately.  However, as of October 25, 2009, only 52,800 petitions had been filed.  See CIS web site.  Word to the wise:  if you are a foreign student, run -- don't walk -- to your nearest immigration attorney.

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